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On-Site Training

Training is available on-site to any location in the United Kingdom. It is recommended that you arrange
for your training to take place somewhere suitable where you will not be disturbed, for example a dedicated training room, a conference room or even just a spare office. However your training can also be conducted
at your desk if required.

You will also need to make sure that you have suitable computer equipment available with the correct
software installed and in full working order.

I do not own any dedicated training premises. However it is possible to arrange rental of a suitable training venue as close as possible to your location. All equipment will be provided for your training. Please contact me for more information.

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Training Group Sizes

Training group sizes are kept small to enable you to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. It also allows me to give each trainee individual attention when required and answer all questions.

The ideal maximum number for training is six, although more people can attend if agreed prior to your training course. Groups larger than four will incur a small additional charge. Click here for detailed
information on training prices.

It is far more beneficial if groups are of a similar skill level, although training is available for groups with mixed ability if required, there is always something for everyone on a training course. If the skill levels differ greatly then it is recommended they are divided onto intro, advanced or bespoke training groups.

Generally the smaller the group, the more you will cover in a day giving more time for questions and
practical examples. Smaller groups are also more effective when undertaking a bespoke training course.

One to one training is also available. With one to one training you will learn a lot more than you could as
part of a group. It means you can go at your own pace, ask as many questions as you like and go back
over things as many times as you need. Training is also easily customised on a one to one basis.

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How Many days Training Will You Need?

This depends on your current level of design skill and the goals you want to achieve. Most design
software can take a while to learn in depth and you will need to allow plenty of time to practice the skills
and techniques covered during your training. If you are new to graphic design you will need longer to learn
the applications than if you already had some level of experience.

The 1 day introduction training courses are ideal if you need to quickly learn the basics of an application. Obviously you wont go into as much depth as the 2 day courses, but they are a great time saving and cost effective way of getting started with the basics.

The 2 day courses are still aimed at new or basic users, but they will go into a lot more depth with the
software, covering the basics and then moving on to the more involved but essential features of the
application. If you are new to design and want to be as productive as possible in a short space of time
then I recommend a 2 day training course.

If you need to learn multiple applications you might find the combination training courses are the perfect solution. These courses have been specially designed to cover overall subjects such as Graphic Design
or Web design, rather than concentrating on just one individual application. This approach will enable you
to learn the essential techniques of your chosen applications in one complete training course. The combination courses are structured over 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days, although they can be broken into smaller blocks if required.

If you are already using the software, or if you are a designer who wants to learn key features of a new
package, you will find a range of advanced courses that may be more suited to your needs. The advanced courses normally run over one day.

You can also choose a bespoke training solution to meet your exact requirements. The duration would be based on your specific needs from the training.

If you need any advice on the training you may need, please contact me.

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Bespoke Training

If you have specific requirements you will probably find that bespoke training would be the best solution.
You may want to work towards a particular design project or cover a specific range of applications during your training.

However specialised your training needs to be, I will discuss your requirements with you in detail to design the most appropriate solution. If you wish to discuss your custom training requirements please contact me.

You will find additional information on the Bespoke Training page.

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Computer Platform

Training courses can be delivered on both Windows PC and Apple Mac computer platforms. You will
find that the software is almost identical, meaning the techniques and features are basically the same on both platforms. A mixture of computer platforms is also acceptable on a training course.

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Skill Level

For any introduction level training course it is assumed that you will have at least basic computer skills.
For example, you will know how to start basic applications, open and save files and ideally have knowledge of basic packages such as word processing applications. You do not need any knowledge of the design
software in which you are to be trained - any existing knowledge would obviously be helpful to you but not

For advanced training courses you will already have working knowledge of your chosen applications.

It would be more beneficial to your training if all members of your group are of a similar skill level.

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Courseware and Support

Each trainee will be given a comprehensive training manual on every training course. You will probably
find that you wont use the manual during your training as I also provide a wide range of visual and practical examples to complement each topic covered. The books you receive are intended to be kept and used as
an after course reference. You will also be encouraged to make your own reference notes during your training.

In addition to the courseware you will also receive a full 2 months post training support based on all
the topics covered during your training. Support is available by phone and email.

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Training Duration

A typical training course will begin at 9:30am and finish around 4:00pm depending on progress, but generally courses will not run beyond 4:30pm. You will get a 1 hour lunch break, with a 15 min break mid morning and another mid afternoon.

Course timings can also be adjusted to suit you, for example if you wanted to start at 9:00am or earlier it
will not usually be a problem, as long as it is agreed with me prior to your training.

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Booking Training

When you know which training you need you can visit the Availability & Booking page to pick suitable dates
for your training to take place.

Just chose your dates from those available on the training calendar and contact me to reserve them, I will then email you a booking form to be signed and returned to me. Upon receipt of your booking form your dates will be fully confirmed and an invoice will be sent out to you for the training.

You have 5 working days form reserving your dates to confirm your booking.

Click here for Terms & Conditions

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Payment Methods

Payment for your training can be made by BACS, cheque or cash. Payment will normally be due 7 or 14
days in advance of your training depending on the number of days booked with me.

Cash payments can be made at the start of your first day of training.

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