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QuarkXpress Advanced Training - 1 Day

QuarkXpress Advanced Training Course

Platform: Windows PC and Apple Mac

Courseware: Comprehensive training manual provided per person

Prerequisites: Good working knowledge of QuarkXpress

Software Version: Training available for QuarkXpress 8, 7, 6, 5, 4

Course Overview:
This Advanced course will give you the opportunity to enhance your basic skills in QuarkXpress,
enabling you to accomplish more complex tasks using Quark . This hands-on course will enable
you to prepare and layout complex documents, using Styles, tables, drawing tools and many more
advanced formatting techniques.

QuarkXpress Advanced Training Outline

Creating Graphic Effects with Bézier Paths

  • Draw Bézier paths
  • Reshape a picture box
  • Combine Bézier shapes
  • Silhouette pictures
  • Clipping masks

Style Sheets

  • About character and paragraph style sheets
  • Creating style sheets
  • Apply a style sheet
  • Altering and managing style sheets

Creating Type Effects

  • Create drop caps
  • Reverse type with a style sheet
  • Typeset numbers
  • Create a type mask
  • Flow type on a path
  • Create a type shadow

Efficiently Laying Out Pages

  • Organize design elements in libraries
  • Step and repeat items
  • Adjust space between items
  • Manipulate items within groups
  • Layer items

Professionally Typesetting Documents

  • Set justification options
  • Hyphenate text
  • Track type
  • Kern type
  • Using the document layout grid

Managing Long Documents

  • Section a document
  • Create a list/table of contents
  • Prepare styles for use in a list/table of contents
  • Create a book
  • Managing books and chapters
  • Masters and styles in a book


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If this QuarkXpress training outline does not match your requirements then bespoke training is available.

If wish to discuss any aspect of your Quark training please do not hesitate to contact me


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