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Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training - 1 Day

Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training

Platform: Windows PC and Apple Mac

Courseware: Comprehensive training manual provided per person

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

Software version: Training available for Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS, 10

Course Overview:
If you've mastered Illustrator basics and you're ready for the next level, this advanced course is
for you. Delegates will gain the confidence to use Illustrators more advanced features helping to
speed up and improve workflow as well as releasing their true creative potential. Taking your skills
much further, you will cover a range of powerful techniques aimed at both print and screen.

Illustrator Advanced Training Outline

Advanced Drawing and Path Editing

  • Creating template layers
  • Drawing complex bezier shapes
  • Setting anchor point and handle display preferences
  • Adding and deleting anchor points
  • Manipulating paths, points and direction handles
  • Converting anchor points
  • Outlining strokes
  • Using the Blob brush
  • Tips for drawing better curves

Advanced Use of Colour

  • Editing colours using menu commands
  • Extracting colours from artwork
  • Replacing and merging swatches
  • Using the Colour Guide panel
  • Using Live Colour
  • Editing colours with Live Colour
  • Modifying colour in artwork

Effects in Illustrator

  • Document Raster Effect settings
  • Using the Transform effect to create complex transformations

Understanding Appearances

  • Using the Appearance panel
  • Targeting object attributes
  • Adding multiple attributes
  • Applying Live Effects
  • Expanding appearances

Using Styles

  • Applying styles
  • Creating and modifying styles

Creating Patterns

  • Creating symmetrical patterns
  • Creating complex patterns
  • Saving pattern swatches

Creating Transparent Art

  • Displaying transparency
  • Applying transparency to simple objects, groups and layers
  • Applying transparency to individual object attributes
  • Working with opacity masks

Using Clipping Masks

  • Working with clipping masks
  • Modifying clipping masks

Advanced Use of Symbols

  • Creating symbols
  • Creating symbol libraries

Compound Shapes and Paths

  • Understanding compound shapes and paths
  • Controlling transparency
  • Editing compound paths

Working in 3D

  • Creating custom 3D shapes
  • Creating 3D type
  • Using lighting effects
  • Wrapping artwork onto 3D art

Trimming Artwork

  • Creating crop and trim marks
  • Using the crop area tool

Creating High Resolution PDF's

  • Creating Hi Res PDF's
  • Global PDF export options


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