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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Training - 2 Days

CSS Training Course

Platform: Windows PC and Apple Mac

Courseware: Comprehensive training manual provided per person

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of web design and HTML

Course Overview:
This course is designed for those with some experience of HTML or Dreamweaver who need to gain
an understanding of current web design techniques, such as separating presentation from mark-up
through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

This two day course will give you the necessary skills to split mark up from presentation, you will gain
a thorough grasp of standards compliant design and have the knowledge to style web page elements
with CSS.

CSS Training Outline

Standards Compliant Mark Up

  • HTML and XHTML
  • Converting and moving to XHTML
  • Browser issues and standards compliance

Clean and Structured Pages

  • CSS terminology and syntax
  • XHTML syntax, options and versions
  • Structuring XHTML pages
  • Removing presentational elements
  • Working with the DOCTYPE
  • Understanding natural language declarations

Structuring Content

  • Headings and sub headings
  • Creating paragraphs
  • Working with special characters
  • Creating line breaks
  • Creating horizontal rules
  • Numbered (ordered) lists
  • Unnumbered (unordered) lists
  • Creating a basic input form

Introduction to CSS

  • Separating content from presentation
  • The difference between CSS and Mark up
  • What can CSS do?
  • CSS structure (syntax)
  • Inserting styles (inline, embedded or external)
  • The cascade order
  • Using Class, Span and ID

Styling Text

  • Specifying font size and colour
  • Specifying font alignment
  • Creating hover effects
  • Keeping track of links

Controlling Colour and Typography

  • Creating an embedded Style Sheet
  • Applying colour
  • Commenting your code
  • Modifying text styles
  • Modifying font styles
  • Creating a linked Style Sheet

Controlling Layout with Positioning

  • Control Layout with absolute positioning
  • Create a fixed multi-column layout
  • Control layout with relative positioning
  • Control the display of layered elements
  • Apply fixed positioning

Styling Forms

  • Properties of input elements
  • Grouping form elements together
  • Formatting text in forms
  • Changing the appearance of buttons

Creating a Print Page

  • Showing and hiding elements
  • Altering layout
  • Changing font and font size
  • Showing or hiding a link


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